Who is RAZOR B?


He was born and raised on the sunny south side in St.Catherine's Jamaica but began his career in Toronto, Ontario.

Roger Cassup, is an entrepreneur, talented song writer, entertainer and performer. He is smart, sexy and sophisticated. A rare gem amongst the rubble that is often associated with dancehall music, Razor brings a swagger and style that is unique and different. He is more than an artist and it does not take very long to realize that he is more than a ‘one-hit wonder’, Razor B is here for the long haul.

Razor is famously known in the industry as the fastest rising dancehall to hit the airwaves from outside of Jamaica. Last summer’s hit single ‘Hot Up’ won him the 2015 YVA award for Hottest Summer Song, the artist continues to make waves on global charts and within the dancehall community with his up tempo rhythms and racy lyrics.
Since his explosion on the scene in 2015, Razor has been mastermind the ‘gals segment’ with hit after hit including Bruck Back, Beet Root, Whine Drop Dip, I Need You (with Voice Mail and Road Elf), Up in Deh (featuring Supa Hype), Set Up, So Good, Texas Jook (with Vershon) and most recently his 2016 summer song that is making people smile – Happy Moment.

All booking and media inquiries can be directed to Ranjini Cassup at bookrazorb@gmail.com or at 416-414-2357.​